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Seattle, United States

V-iWhite Brush

78 USD 39 USD
For perfect teeth.
Price per quantities
2 o más 24.98 EUR/unidad
3 o más 23.32 EUR/unidad
The whitening brush for perfect teeth.
Save time and money by reducing and even preventing visits to the dentist.
Safely and effectively removes all types of stains: Coffee, tea, wine, tobacco...
Easy and simple to use. Prevents unpleasant and unnecessary pain while improving your oral health.

Brush V-iWhite: The latest whitening brush to hit the market.

Anyone who cares about themselves takes their self-image seriously. Having a white smile is one of the fundamental parts of feeling attractive. Our smile is the first thing that people notice when we speak, and some dark or stained teeth create an unpleasant sensation for our conversation partners. Therefore, in order to have greater self-esteem and a healthier mouth, Brush v-iWhite, the whitening brush, is affordable for everyone.

Goodbye to Stains on Your Teeth

Day to day stains can affect your smile: coffee, tobacco, wine…they are the worst enemies of white teeth. Without a doubt, it is more than likely that you have thought about the possibility of subjecting yourself to some oral/dental hygiene clinical treatment in order to solve the problem. Lack of funds and fear of dentists are the main stumbling blocks that we have to overcome.

Do you want to surprise yourself the next time that you look in the mirror? Try the easy and painless whitening brush to get results from the very first use. Find out its main characteristics and all of its advantages in the following sections.

Brush v-iWhite is the Solution to Your Problems

For its price, ease of use and durability, v-iWhite Brush becomes the ultimate solution that you have been waiting for all these years. No wonder it is one of the top selling products in the dental sector.

- Save time and money reducing, and even avoiding, visits to the dentist
- Safely and effectively eliminate all types of stains: coffee, tea, wine, tobacco
- Simple and easy to use. Avoid unpleasant and unnecessary pain, benefitting your oral and dental health.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Pass the brush over dark stains on your teeth and you will go back to flaunting that spectacular smile that you love so much. Avoid unpleasant and unnecessary pain: quick, easy and completely pain-free!

Main Advantages

  1. Correctly clean your teeth and rinse out your mouth well before use. Leave it to activate for 30 minutes and then rinse out well again. Quick and easy!

  2. Transform your yellowed teeth into a white smile that you can be proud of!

  3. You will save a considerable amount of money by not needing to resort to a professional to get the same results.

  4. Benefit your oral and dental health while improving your personal hygiene. Immediate results!

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