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Medic Feet PRO

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Insoles that relieve any pain.
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Medic Feet PRO: Insoles that relieve any pain.
They are made from silicone, which makes them durable and long-lasting.
Alongside helping you walk better, they can also be used to reduce bad odours left in your shoes.
They incorporate a shock absorption function. Simple to cut to adapt to all types of footwear and feet.

Medic Feet PRO: How These Genius Insoles Cured My Foot Pain For Good.

I had never felt pain like this before. It was 6am and my alarm had just startled me awake. I swung my feet out of bed, stood up and BAM! It was like I had stepped onto a huge nail with my right foot. A sharp and jagged pain jolted up my heel. I thought maybe I had cracked my heel bone somehow, because it hurt like crazy.
I hobbled over to the bathroom, sucking in my breath each time I stepped on my right foot. The pain was extreme, but as I kept walking for the next few minutes, it eased off. I thought I was off the hook.

The pain didn’t go away. In fact, it got worse over the coming weeks. It was always the most extreme in the morning, and each day it took a little longer to walk it off. It then started to hurt more and more throughout the day. By the end of each day, I’d be hobbling around again. It got so bad I eventually had to take several days off work (I’m a mechanic), because I simply couldn’t stand around in one place for more than a few minutes without shooting pains in my foot.

The diagnosis: Plantar Fasciitis

I went to the doctor and she gave me the verdict: plantar fasciitis. Cause unknown, outcome uncertain. She also said I should save myself some money and get insoles from Walgreens. Which I did — except they didn’t help at all.

So I went online and read up on plantar fasciitis cures. I tried stretching my calves, got compression socks off Amazon, rolled my foot over a frozen water bottle. Maybe it helped a bit, but it was no real relief. The sharp stabbing pain in my heel was still there, and it seemed to run right up my spine and into my brain.

The fitness freak solution: I was at the end of my rope. I was in pain whenever I was standing or walking. I struggled to function at work, and had no hope of fixing this situation, relieving the pain and getting my life back to normal.

During this time, I talked to one of my wife’s friends, Lisa, who is a big fitness freak. Every morning at 5am, Lisa gets up and goes to Orangetheory Fitness, which is a hard core workout with lots of jumping and incline running (I always tell her that if she wants to punish her body like this, she can come work with me at the garage and get paid at the same time).

A new theory of plantar fasciitis?

The secret, said Lisa, “are these special insoles.” When I heard this, my heart sank.
I tried insoles, I told her. “They didn’t help.”

No no, she insisted, “these are special ones. A guy from Austin who’s in the Orangetheory community designed them. He’s a podiatrist and he’s got a new theory about why people get plantar fasciitis. You gotta try them.” And she gave me a set of insoles that she had bought herself, off another guy at her gym.

As you can probably guess, I ignored Lisa’s advice. After all, I’d tried insoles earlier and they did nothing for me. It was only weeks later, when I ran out of all other options, that I finally dug Lisa’s “magic” insoles out of the closet. I wish I hadn’t been so stubborn for so long.

Solution tested and proven

  1. These insoles look like space-age versions of regular insoles.ace-age versions of regular insoles. They are colorful, with three specially designed gel pads: one for the heel, one for the midfoot, one for the ball of the foot. I cut them down to my size (you use regular scissors to cut around the front along the lines), and then put them into my work boots before heading out in the morning.

    They were comfortable enough and didn’t slide around. I felt a bit of relief from the gel heel support, but the sharp heel pain was still there. That’s all I could really say about them at first. I thought Lisa was exaggerating about how effective they are.

  2. However, by the end of the first day, I noticed I felt significantly less pain than I had been feeling at the same time of day.

  3. Within two days of wearing these insoles in my work boots only, 90% of the heel pain was gone.

  4. And within a week of wearing them, the pain from plantar fasciitis was gone completely. No more waking up to that awful first step in the morning, no more hobbling over to the bathroom, no more agony while I worked throughout the day. It’s now two months later and I’m still completely pain-free.